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These are the required steps for you to successfully create a Kubernetes service on your own Azure account.


Components you will need to create in your account

Step by step tutorial

Create your Azure Kubernetes Service

Sign in to your Azure account and follow the official guide to deploy a new Cluster.

In general, the tutorial will help you create:

Once the cluster is created and you are connected, you'll need to extract some values.

Go to the resources page, click in the Kubernetes service you just created, and copy the API server address, this is your Cluster Address

To get the cluster certificate, you can find this after running the az aks get-credentials command as described in the Azure tutorial. After that you can open the file ~/.kube/config and search for the cluster with the name you just created. Copy the field certificate-authority-data and paste it in a base64 decoder like Keep the result as this is the cluster certificate. What you are looking for looks like this:

- cluster:
    certificate-authority-data: LS0tLS1CRUdJTiBDRVJUSUZJQ0FURS0tLS0tCk1JSUV4ekNDQXE...
  name: cluster-name

Later you need to register a service account for Forma, so it can access your cluster. Run kubectl apply -f and then run kubectl describe secrets forma-proxy-secret

Copy and save the token that is shown once the script runs successfully.

Make sure you copy this token.

Configure nodes to be reachable

Check all your Azure resources and click on any of the network interfaces created for this cluster.

Click on IP Configurations, in the sidebar menu, under Settings.

Click on the first ipconfig1 element.

Click on Enabled for public IP

Click on create new and fill the form.

After you save, it will create a public IP and assign it to your node, this might take a couple of minutes. When it is done the page should refresh and you should see the  ExternalIP for your.

We also need to enable access to Forma in the ports 30000-32000, to do so go to the resources page and look for the Network security group created for the cluster. Under Settings look for Inbound security rules and add a new rule with the following configuration.

Create a Cluster configuration in Forma

Login to Forma if you haven't yet And fill the "How to connect" fields accordingly to the previous instructions.

You will need the  Kubernetes Cluster Address and Public External Cluster Address you got before, as well as the Token and the Connection certificate content.

Save the cluster configuration and head back to the home of Forma to create a new Network.

Summary of the data you need to get Forma to talk to your Cluster

In general, this is the data you will need to create configure your Cluster in Forma is the following, we have created this table to help you map the concepts.

In Forma In Azure How to get it
Kubernetes Cluster Address API Server Address    
From the Kubernetes Service page in the overview tab
Public External Cluster Address Public IP address Check the tutorial here to get it form the IP Configurations of the Network Interface
Token Token You get it by running the command   kubectl describe secrets forma-proxy-secret
Connection certificate content Cluster certificate-authority By getting the yml file pointing to the certificate cat /Users/$USER/.kube/config and printing it in the console.
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